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They Neverbloom
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They Neverbloom DEADLINES has crafted something rather unique with this ep. Everything from the thundering vocals to the crushing instrumentals is wonderful.

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released November 30, 2015

Music Written by : DEADLINES

Recorded , Mixed, Mastered by : Dylan Harris

Guest vocals by : Aidan Ellaz, William Mccoy

Artwork by : Delta Options



all rights reserved


DEADLINES Brisbane, Australia

Five musicians coming from different musical backgrounds and influences come together to bring more melody and feeling to the heavy music genres.

Since forming in Late 2013 they've been working hard to get their name around by playing various shows within Brisbane and surrounding areas.
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Track Name: Colour Me (Feat. Aidan Ellaz)
I’m so sick of all these demons crawling back into my skin.
Pulling me under to steep as low as you, I've never been this way it’s a sickness that I swear.

Conflicting emotion, stuck in the war between.
Surrounded by two faced liars, I’ve seen the truth

Just a hypocrite.

I've been speaking to those dead in my head again.
Can't you fucking see the blood
we chose to surround and be
a false coma, beyond relief
No purgatory beneath my feet.
I won't let your false accusations
defeat me.
An undisputed toxic rivalry,
You are the hate in me.

I’ll tell you now, so I’ll tell you now, you've been feeding your lies for a long time.
Dead ends, no friends. This world has nothing for you.
I’m feeling, these secrets, pouring out of your scaled lips.
My mind has been holding me back, I’ll tell you now, Colour me in hate.

Nothing but a hypocrite.
Track Name: Hope Bringer (Feat. William McCoy)
Here it is again, the sound of empty rooms
piercing through my bones, the broken heart ache

oh, as the sun comes up, I find myself awake dreaming, of what could have been beautiful.

How do I say goodbye for the last time, I know I’ll have to face this again.
Though we didn’t spend much time together, your impact on me will last forever.

Aspiration here I meet, staring at your face, with my quivering feet
where are you now?
You were my hope bringer.
Track Name: Mirror Touch
Putrid, the way life is pre-determined.
Scripted, bite the hand of the puppeteer.

The writing on the wall, depicted by shadows.
Shatter through, chase that primal desire.

Don’t you feel like I do?
Don’t you feel like I do?

When you look at me, what do you see? Inside I’m just a man trying to be.
We’re all the same, we’re all the same.
Manipulated by a disease, we need to wake up to be set free
we’re all the same, we’re all the same.

In a sea of sheep nobody will find me.
Suffocating, no room to breathe.
Pull me out.

Don’t you feel like I do?
Am I all alone?
It’s so sad, though we are the same.
The same being, the same path.
Capable of a billion emotions, all so beautiful.

Time after time we put down another; we don’t realize that we are the strength of each other.
Life cycles, spinning so linear. Don’t you feel, don’t you feel like I do?
Track Name: Intransigent
I can’t help if you’re so closed off.
Just let me, just let me in.

Isn’t this familiar, like staring at a mirror?
You’re not the only one.
You’re not the lonely one.

Take a step back to look at the life you’ve made.
You owe it to yourself not to feel this way.
Though In the end I’m really no different.
Closed minded, can’t hide it. These walls are pushing me out.

Been through too much shit to lose all of it,
doesn’t have to be only you against the world.

However long it takes.
Just let me in, just let me in.
I can’t help if you’re so closed off.
Just let me, just let me in.

well I, I am just like you.
Regretting everything, everything that I choose.

Take a step back.
Track Name: Wolves
Sometimes I catch myself mid breath, frozen, wandering if you still feel the same things I do
but where are you now? Lying on the floor, hearts so sore.
I can feel it in the air, as you stare through the hole in my chest.

I survived another day, surely I’ll find my way
to be whole again.
you left a curse and it’s stuck in my head
it wants me dead
rip it out, rip it out

this isn’t what I’ve wanted, I need it out of my head
take it back, take it all, as long as it’s all gone

Can you hear me; I’ve been trying to speak for all these years.
Left still searching, I think I’ve hit the bottom
drilling deeper and deeper, can it be any clearer
hey, can you hear me, can you hear me

this isn’t what I’ve wanted, I need it out of my head
take it back, take it all, as long as it’s all gone

I hate to say that I don’t want this yet
or that im losing my head
you never break a sweat
is it ever enough
is it ever enough

this isn’t what I’ve wanted, I need it out of my head
take it back, take it all, as long as it’s all gone

The devils cavort inside my mind, the daggers caress my skin
I’ve been talking to wolves, they don’t want me here and if they let me live